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If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to pay your small business’s bills this month, create an action plan to stop missed payments and improve your cash flow. Work with your local Padgett small business specialist to manage your accounts, address your cash flow problems and ease your stress.

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How does a single, yearly conversation help you limit the cost of taxes or reduce expenses? Your advisor needs in-depth knowledge of your business in order to show you how to save money. Padgett's onboarding process means they understand your business as well as you do, helping you protect your profits.

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Take More Money Home Each Month

How will you streamline your business and keep more of your hard-earned money if you don’t have a clear plan to control expenses and manage payroll? Our Padgett small business experts conduct a detailed analysis of your small business to create customized, multi-month action plans with clear, understandable steps to put more cash in your pocket.
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Ensure Expenses Are Promptly Paid

If you don’t understand how to better manage your cash flow, you’re bound to struggle with paying all of your expenses. Because you’re consumed by hundreds of daily responsibilities, Padgett’s small business consultants give you an easy-to-follow list of what needs to be done to ensure that you have money coming in, enabling you to manage your own expenses.
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“Comparing my last ‘accountant’ to my current accounting advisor doesn’t do Padgett justice. When I have a problem, my Padgett Partner has the solution. When I have a question, my accountant has the answer. When I want to bounce an idea off someone, my partner at Padgett is all ears. Best decision I’ve made in years.” MICHAEL ORLANDO
“Padgett is more than my tax advisor. Do they do a great job reducing my small business tax expense? Of course. But my accountant has been so much more. He’s helped out in areas of my business that I didn’t think were his job. But it’s made me more profitable and taken a lot of the administrative busywork off of my plate.” DIANE KENDRICKS