Padgett CEO Steve Rafsky discusses streamlining your small business bookkeeping and taxes.

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Padgett Business Services® opened its first office in 1965 to help small business owners stay tax compliant. More than 50 years later, our network of tax and small business advisors is still assisting owners with tax support and more. Today, however, we are more and more focused on helping you plan for your future and achieve your dreams. To do our best, we must get to know your business and – more important – you.

We strive to provide consistently excellent service and are proud to have done so with our tremendous talent, experience and knowledge. We also have great pride in our recognition as knowledgeable leaders in the small business, accounting and tax arenas.

While most Padgett clients come to us because of a tax issue, they stay with us because we provide them with so much more. We make regulation and compliance a more automatic and seamless process so you’re able to focus on your passions instead. Whether you’re thinking of expanding your business or bringing more to your bottom line, sometimes you simply want or need advice from someone you can relate to – someone who is more than a tax preparer.

Local Padgett offices are operated by entrepreneurs who are uniquely small business owners themselves. Our small business clients come to us first, and we’re usually the only advisor they turn to. 

We want to personally thank you for visiting our website and considering us as a potential partner. Whether you have a tax need, are interested in payroll services or require someone to assist you in achieving your big-picture dreams, we're confident in our unique approach and our ability to help you succeed in all that you’re working so hard to accomplish.  

Thank You!

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