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Small Business Payroll Services

Supporting You, The Small Business Owner

Cash flow problems make payroll a stressful commitment. When you don’t know if or how you’ll pay your employees and yourself, you’re carrying a painful burden

As a small business consultant, Padgett understands that you need a better way to process your payroll. Our small business payroll services are geared toward you, the small business owner. Your cash flow and payroll problems are addressed with:

  • Personal, One-On-One Service
    Sustainable results are driven by relationships and our familiarity with your business’s needs. With Padgett, there is no call center. A dedicated consultant is assigned to you and works as your partner for all of your payroll needs. When you have a question or problem, there’s no hesitation about whom to call or whom you’ll be speaking with.
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology And Payroll Software
    Streamlined payroll is dependent on technology. With Padgett’s payroll software, you and your employees have online access to account information from anywhere in the world. With a streamlined payroll process, submitting information is both painless and cost-effective.
  • Payroll Services For Small Business At Affordable Rates
    With Padgett, you save on unnecessary charges for using direct deposit or extra runs. The cost of payroll is inclusive of all your needs.
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