Padgett's tax resolution specialists help you respond to IRS notices and limit your tax burden.


Work With Our Experienced Tax Resolution Services

Don't Let a Tax Notice Stress You Out

It's easy to worry when you receive an IRS notice. You may not have the experience or knowledge to get the tax resolution you deserve. But with the support of seasoned and diligent tax representation, you minimize or even eliminate any tax penalties and interest.

A notice may not necessarily mean that you will be slapped with a tax penalty, or have even done anything wrong. But a tax notice is a clear sign that you are on the IRS's radar (or that of other government agency).

Your most important course of action is to take action, now.

Equipped To Represent You

Not every tax advisor is authorized to represent you before the IRS.

If you've received an IRS notice, you certainly need someone to assess your tax problems and determine what actions you must take. But just as important is their ability to formally represent you.

Partnering with a knowledgeable tax specialist with such qualifications for small business tax resolution services is the key to resolving any potential issues and limiting your tax burden.

The Advantage Of Year-Round Support

Tax notices can arrive at any time of year; they're not limited to tax season. Working with a tax advisor and true partner who is able to support you throughout the year is essential, especially for small business owners.

Quick and timely response to a tax notice is critical.

Working with a tax professional on an annual basis and only during tax season makes it much more difficult to be as responsive as possible.

However, a partner who also provides you tax preparation, compliance and financial statement support has the kind of familiarity to formulate the smartest strategy and course of action. In addition, it helps your advisor to frame your response and more quickly assemble your documentation to resolve small business tax problems.

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