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Tax Bites: Year-End Tips

The end of the year is a stressful time for small business owners.

You're worried about whether you made the right financial decisions throughout the year to minimize your taxes. You're also concerned about filing deadlines and distributing the required documentation to your employees on time to avoid IRS tax penalties.

Our video, Tax Bites: Year-End Tips, offers the year-end tax guidance you need to keep your small business taxes as low as possible. Watch this video to learn:

The employee tax information you must gather now and the importance of current, accurate financial statements

How Affordable Care Act regulations continue to affect your business

How to decide whether to defer or accelerate income and expenses as the end of the year approaches

Why you need to consider your personal taxes along with your business taxes

How a tax advisor helps you make better tax decisions throughout the year and the ways tax planning impacts your ability to lower your taxes