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Welcome to PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®, your local small business tax service. We’re here to help you put the focus on your business and not let taxes, payroll, financial reporting, bookkeeping, or government compliance stand in your way. Backed by more than 50 years of experience and with more than 300 locations across North America, our services and products are designed for small business owners and provide quality, reliable solutions at competitive prices. Our business consultants are on your side and dedicated to helping you and your company reach exciting new heights.

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The Fork in the Road

Ark Royal Wealth Management

Mike Palmer, Ark Royal Wealth ManagementCLIENT - Padgett of North Carolina

Mike Palmer is proof that it’s never too late to become an entrepreneur. At the age of 50, he founded Raleigh financial advisory firm, Ark Royal Wealth Management. It was a risk that paid off, and this month he shares with us his tips for success in advisory services.

“Three years ago, I decided I was ready to do it,” he said. “I had thought about starting my own firm for years, but I was reluctant because I had young kids, and I just couldn’t take the leap.”

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While Mike admits he wishes he would have made the decision sooner, he isn’t too hard on himself. “In retrospect, I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without all the experience I’ve had. You have to come to that fork in the road at your own pace.”

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