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Have a question regarding our small business consulting services? Chances are, other business owners do as well. Check out our frequently asked questions below and get the answer you’re looking for.

Can I count on PADGETT to help me complete my small business taxes?

Trust your business taxes to the experienced tax consultants at PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES®. PADGETT provides several small business tax services, including income tax, sales and use tax, payroll taxes, tax advice, tax planning, and more. In addition, PADGETT can represent you in dealings regarding the Internal Revenue Service and State and Local Governments.

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What kinds of tax preparation does PADGETT provide?

PADGETT offers tax preparation services for small businesses and individuals, as well as services for all types of business taxes, including payroll tax, sales and use tax preparation, income tax return preparation, and more.

What types of payroll services does PADGETT offer small businesses?

PADGETT’s small business payroll services include payroll outsourcing, payroll taxes, and payroll processing, as well as issues relating to direct deposits, payroll tax withholding, and more.

Are PADGETT professionals qualified to provide small business planning services?

Yes. Tax-oriented planning is one of the many services PADGETT offers for small businesses. PADGETT’s consulting services also include:

  • Tax Projections
  • Tax planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Business succession planning

Can PADGETT represent me before the IRS?

Yes. Most of PADGETT's experienced tax preparers are qualified to represent you before the IRS.

Can PADGETT help me with my personal income taxes?

Personal income taxes for small business owners are part of the many tax return preparation services that PADGETT provides. This includes federal, and local income taxes. PADGETT handles all your personal income tax needs.

Can you give me an overview of the tax-oriented financial services you provide?

PADGETT’s range of financial services are far-reaching and include:

  • Financial planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Business consulting
  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax consultation
  • Financial reporting
  • Retirement planning and more

Do your tax services include tax audit support?

Yes. PADGETT’s professional tax services include assistance with tax audits.

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