Learn how Padgett's small business and tax advisors help maximize your small business's profits.

Partner With The Business Advisor You Need

Ease Your Stress And Maximize Your Business Profit

With all of your responsibilities and the limited time you have to think about the big picture, it's nearly impossible to think about maximizing your profit and improving your business.

In reality, you're forced to react to unexpected and urgent issues that impact your bottom line – from problems with your bank account to audits and more.

But with the support of Padgett, you have a partner that takes the stress out of addressing these sudden problems. To make a lasting impact on your small business, however, Padgett helps you save the money you work so hard to earn with profit-protecting support – from tax help to payroll and business services.

Planning To Save Money And Protect Your Profits

To protect your bottom line and profitability, you need a partner that has detailed knowledge of your unique company. Providing valuable support for your small business is impossible if our relationship is limited to a single, annual tax discussion.

In order to show you how to save money and protect your profit, Padgett gains intimate knowledge of your unique business through an in-depth onboarding process:

  • Discovery – A strategic kick-off meeting to discuss your small business in-depth and give Padgett a deep understanding of your company's goals, objectives and priorities.
  • Training – A Padgett Engagement Procedure is developed, detailing the information and data needed on an ongoing basis. You are trained on how to gather the necessary information so that the process is efficient and time-friendly.
  • Diagnostics – Once management reports are created, Padgett conducts a deep-dive analysis of your business, uncovering areas of improvement and strength, and pinpointing how to increase your bottom line.

Planning To Maximize Your Profit And Ensure Your Success

To maximize your profitability and ensure your long-term success, you must always have a clear plan to minimize your expenses and evolve your business.

Your small business advisor helps you keep more of your hard-earned money and progress toward your specific business objectives by creating a customized, multi-month action plan that addresses your areas for improvement.

It is your roadmap to maximizing your profitability and achieving your goals.

To ensure your long-term success, Padgett evaluates your progress on an annual basis, clearly outlining how far your business has come.

Planning To Expertly Manage Your Business And Expenses

How do you manage the countless tasks on your to-do list and ensure that you're perfectly managing your cash flow, payroll and taxes? It’s not easy to manage these critical, big-picture responsibilities while scrambling to support your team on a daily basis.

This is why Padgett creates monthly task lists that make it clear what you must accomplish to ensure that you're able to:

  • Maintain healthy cash flow
  • Make payroll
  • Pay your taxes
  • Cover all of your expenses

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