A true partner who can handle your books and financials

Let us deal with your accounting and tax needs so you can fully focus on growing your business. Save yourself time and frustration with accurate financial reports. You'll also get trusted guidance and purposeful insights on business forecasting and tax savings throughout the year.

Relying on detailed reporting and years of experience, we’ll give you the recommendations and tools to make informed decisions about the future of your business, giving you the peace of mind you want.

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From preparing regular financial reports that offer a clear picture of how your business is doing, to checking that your books are accurate, and your records are organized, PADGETT is committed to seeing you thrive. We drive this success by meeting regularly with you, staying on top of your finances, conducting ongoing reviews and making recommendations.

Here are a few of the ways PADGETT’s accounting services can benefit your business:
  • You get accurate books: Making sure your financial records are in order throughout the year will give you a foundation for solid tax and business planning. Accurate books, organized records and a clear understanding of your finances will help your business this year and beyond.

  • Enjoy ongoing financial tracking: The PADGETT team can handle your bank reconciliations, conduct monthly reviews of your ledger to identify and fix any discrepancies, and create and maintain your financial reports. All of this enables you to keep close tabs on your operating performance and make adjustments when necessary.

  • Get the most out of your software: Get more out of your accounting software such as QuickBooks® or Xero™. We're also familiar with many of the popular platforms used to handle bookkeeping, invoicing and reporting and may be able to provide support and ongoing maintenance.

  • Rely on our dedicated support team: Your PADGETT team will work with you to identify profit opportunities and provide insight, giving you the trusted guidance to make informed decisions about your business. And because we’re integrated into your team, you’ll get timely, proactive advice rather than after-the-fact conversations about what you could have done.

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