HElpful videos

These explanatory videos from PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® in Altamonte Springs provide more insight on the specialized services we offer for small businesses.

Introduction: Qualified Enrollment Agents

Get an overview of the services we provide as well as our qualifications.

Payroll Services

Learn more about how we can handle your tax filings, calculate payroll, and even deliver checks to your office.

Accounting Services & Measuring Profitability

Find out more about our accounting services including: profit and loss statements, filing tax returns, and consulting for improved profitability.

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We help you look ahead

Many small business owners think of tax season as a time to look in the rearview mirror at the previous year. At Padgett, we help you also look through the windshield. Not only do we look at last years finances to calculate what you owe, but we help you get a firm understanding of what your next year is going to look like—before the tax season even begins. We want to be more than just a tax service—we want to be the proactive business partner that you deserve. We are motivated by helping your business