Posts from January, 2013

  • 1099-MISC/W-9 Since we’re right at the end of January, it seems like the appropriate time to talk about 1099s, so that’s what this month’s tax tip is about. 1099-MISC: These should be sent to anyone that was paid by the business at least $600 for services during the year. This includes ... Continue Reading
  • Mileage Logs It is terribly inconvenient to keep track of mileage. However, since a vehicle can be used for personal trips as well as for business purposes, and frequently is, the IRS requires substantiation. The only solution is to keep a mileage log. Fortunately, there are now ... Continue Reading
  • Business Meals Some quick facts about business meals that small business owners should keep in mind. – In-Town Meals are deductible (usually 50%) if you have a reasonable expectation that the customer or prospect who you are treating will generate some income for your Company. The ... Continue Reading