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  • Keeping Your Data Secure in a Dangerous World It’s no surprise tax preparers have increasingly become targets of criminal data breaches in recent years, given the amount of personal and sensitive data stored in their office. Because of these security concerns, we understand that your choice for a tax preparer warrants ... Continue Reading
  • Delegation is Crucial for Small Business Owners Last month we focused on the concept of delegation, why it is so important to delegate, and why it can be so difficult to delegate. This article continues the discussion of Delegation, an important management tactic. How should you use delegation ? You should delegate tasks ... Continue Reading

Tax Tips

  • Tax Tips for Uber Drivers Ridesharing has become a popular way to make some extra money, but before you commit to driving for a ride-share company like Uber, Lift or Sidecar, you need to know the tax implications of this type of work! Generally, you’re treated as an independent contractor, not as an ... Continue Reading
  • Why Should You Delegate? Many small business owners start out their business doing everything themselves. However, as a company grows, it becomes vitally important to delegate tasks in order to keep it growing, while also allowing you to have a life outside of your business. What is delegation? ... Continue Reading
  • Are Vacations Tax Deductible? Although technology has revolutionized the way we do business, there are still situations where it’s necessary for a face-to-face meeting with staff, management, or customers. With a little planning for the current vacation season, you can mix some leisure time in with your ... Continue Reading