Posts from April, 2014

  • Starting a Business? 3 Things You Need To Know About Taxes Avoid IRS hassles by starting off on the right foot. You start your own business because you found you have something valuable to give the world and you’re good at it. But like most entrepreneurs starting out, you learn there’s a bunch of red tape that has to be handled in ... Continue Reading
  • 5 Goals Your Tax Planning Strategies Should Achieve There are simple tax strategies and there are complex strategies. At the end of the day, these fundamental goals should still be reached. There are many tax strategies out there to help you. It can be a little overwhelming determining which ones can help. As you examine each ... Continue Reading
  • Rent Your Home Out Tax-Free While the IRS considers rent paid to you as income, there is one way to make some extra cash and keep it all. No, unfortunately you can’t just rent out your properties tax-free indefinitely, but you can for up to fourteen days. This is an exemption called the “Masters ... Continue Reading
  • Liquidation Explained Why is it some businesses seem to simply “go out of business” and some have a liquidation? Find out what liquidation really means. Essentially, liquidation means that a company’s assets are worth more than the value of the business’s ability to generate income. So when you ... Continue Reading