Posts from August, 2014

  • Choosing The Right Filing Status for Married Couples To file separately or to file jointly, that is the question. If you were married this past wedding season, congrats! And now is a good time to think about how you’ll file your taxes in 2015. As a legally married couple, you now have 2 filing options: Married Filing Jointly ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Tips for Budgeting for Your Vacation Take the vacation you really want to go on. Start planning now for next year’s and you’ll be so happy you did. Vacations are not clearly priced. Even if you buy some packaged deal, there’s always some cost that’s not accounted for. Here’s some tips on how to plan for next ... Continue Reading
  • How To Benefit From “Payday Someday” Getting paid next year for this year’s could be a great benefit to you! If you’re self-employed and pay your taxes in full up front, consider holding off on sending out invoices until close to the year’s end. And if your clients pay your invoice thirty to sixty days out, ... Continue Reading
  • 3 Common Budgeting Pitfalls New Entrepreneurs Fall Into When it comes to making a budget, good intentions only go so far. Find out how to keep your budget realistic. If you’re a local artist or craftsman that’s turned your passion into a business, you’re quickly finding out the reality and needs of budgeting. Here are 3 common ... Continue Reading