What To Budget For In January

Cash and Calendar Budgeting the same for all the months is a pitfall. Here’s some things unique to January that you should be budgeting for.

What? Already? Yes. Saving for Christmas starts now because the alternative is paying off the previous Christmas. Saving for Christmas is much cheaper than paying interest on credit cards.
 Staying or Getting Fit
If you’ve made the New Year’s resolution to hit the gym, you’re going to want to make sure you account for what you’re spending on it every month.
If you want to treat your spouse to a nice gift on Valentine’s Day, you may want to spread that expense out over the next few paychecks rather than putting on a credit card a few days before valentine’s because you don’t get paid until the 15th and the special day lands on the 14th—just like every year.
 Staying Warm
January can be the coldest month some years and this year is looking to be a very cold one across parts of the United States. This means heating bills will be at their peak. You may also want to invest in down comforters that can keep you warm enough you can turn the heat down at night. A good comforter can be pricey but you can get a nice return on investment over the next few years.
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