Posts from June, 2014

  • How To Cut Taxable Income Will your itemized deductions for 2013 be right around the standard reduction amount? If so, you can bundle expenses for every other year and claim the standard deduction in the in between years. Over two years, this will significantly cut how much income you’re taxed on. ... Continue Reading
  • What is Non-Taxable Income? Did you know anyone paid for babysitting has to report that income to the IRS if they made over $600? Or let’s say you and a neighbor want to trade cars, you’ll still have to pay taxes on what the fair market value of the car you bartered. But not all income is taxable. Here ... Continue Reading
  • Expat US Tax Obligations Living abroad for work can be a tricky tax situation. In many cases both countries want to tax your income that you’re making while working and living overseas. While many countries have different requirements, here’s what you need to know about the IRS’s requirements. You ... Continue Reading
  • The Tax Benefits of Looking for Work Looking for work costs money. Things like resume paper and printing, a new suit, and paying for premium online job search services can add up. This can be a little tough on job seekers who are likely unemployed. Sometimes these job seekers even have to take a class or two to ... Continue Reading