Posts from May, 2014

  • The Cheapest City to Spend Summer Vacation The most affordable city to go to this summer is the one you live in. If it’s a lean year or you have some financial goals you are working towards and looking to cut back on spending for a while, a staycation may be a great option. Most people can live somewhere for such a ... Continue Reading
  • How to fill out a W-4 Allowances For some, just what number to write on each line, seems to get more confusing every time it needs to be filled out. A W-4 is a form an employer gives you to fill out as a part of new hire paperwork. This form decides how much money gets taken out of each paycheck for taxes. ... Continue Reading
  • What Kind of Business are You Starting? Starting a new business is exciting! At least until you get the paperwork part. It’s important that you first identify just what type of business you in regards to the IRS. If you’re starting a new business here’s what you need to know about filing statuses for businesses: ... Continue Reading
  • Is the Gardener an Employee? When you need some hired help around the house, you’ll need to know how to handle your tax obligations. This post will tell you how. It may seem ok to hire a family friend just graduating high school for the summer to take care of the kids and pay some cash to her every ... Continue Reading