Posts from September, 2014

  • The IRS Wants You To “Like” Them Did you know you can get tax info from the IRS on social media? When you’re on social media, probably, the last entity you’d ever want to get updates from is the IRS. But these channels can be a really great way to get a question answered. It’s important to note though, the ... Continue Reading
  • Tax Tactics For Your Personal Tax Strategy The several tactics listed below help you meet all your tax obligations while keeping as much of your income as possible. If you have any questions about any of these tactics, we’re more than happy to help. We understand each person’s tax and financial situation is unique to ... Continue Reading
  • Contributing and Withdrawing from Roth IRAs Investments in Roth IRAs are quite simple to understand despite what financial ads that run during major sporting events would lead you to believe. Roth IRAs are for people who have an income of up to $112,000 per year or married couples who earn up to $178,000. What’s great ... Continue Reading
  • New Simplified Method for Tax Deductions for Telecommuters In 2013, the IRS launched a new method for claiming a deduction for the work-from-home workforce. Find out if it’s right for you! Technology has driven the sharp rise in the remote workers over the past decade. This rise has also hugely increased the amount of paperwork for ... Continue Reading