Posts from April, 2015

  • Your Guide To Recordkeeping on Taxes & Charitable Donations Make the most out giving to charity by benefiting from all the available tax breaks you’re entitled to. Maintaining diligent records is the cornerstone to being eligible for the entire charitable contribution deduction the law entitles you to. This comprises of making sure ... Continue Reading
  • Small Business Tax Planning Overview Tax planning is the practice of analyzing multiple tax options to decide how you want to operate your business as well as your individual transactions to minimize or wipe out your tax liability. Most small business owners are good at what they got into business for and ... Continue Reading
  • Moving This Year? It May Be a Great Tax Advantage. See if your moving expenses qualify for a deduction. If you moved as a result of a job change or to start a new business, your expenses are more than likely eligible for a tax deduction. Moving Expenses Tax Deduction Eligibility Requirements Your move must be in close ... Continue Reading
  • What happens and what to do if you didn’t file your taxes by April 15th Forgot or put off your tax return? Here’s what you need to know. It’s going to be ok. Or at least if you take care of it now, it’s going to be better than it will be if you keep avoiding filing your return. There are penalties if you fail to file and pay by April 15th. There ... Continue Reading