Posts from December, 2015

  • 5 Red Flags That Could Lead to an IRS Audit In our March 2014 newsletter, we provided a discussion entitled “What Are The Chances of Being Audited.” The article focused on the relative possibility of an audit given different levels of income. To more completely address the question of “What Are The Chances of Being ... Continue Reading
  • How Does “Mandatory Paid Sick Leave” Affect You? For quite some time, jurisdictions have had laws on the books requiring that employers grant employees sick leave without pay. Mandatory compensation while away for sick leave had never really been an issue. Over the past few years, however, momentum has been increasing to ... Continue Reading
  • Popular Ways To Fund A Small Business Whether the funding is for kick-starting a great idea for a new business or achieving a competitive advantage that will fuel future growth, little else matters as much as having the cash to make your entrepreneurial dreams a living reality. In order to thrive, businesses ... Continue Reading
  • What’s “Ban the Box” All About? Some Practical Advice for Businesses The idea behind “Ban The Box” is simple: it is a campaign seeking to introduce legislation prohibiting potential employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal background until “later” in the hiring process after consideration of an applicant’s qualifications. The name ... Continue Reading