Posts from February, 2015

  • What To Do If You’re Missing a W-2 Employers are required to give you your W-2 by January 31st. Here’s what to do if you don’t have it. You should follow the four steps below if you’ve not received your W-2 from your employer. Reach out to your employer. Ask your employer the date as to when the W-2 was ... Continue Reading
  • Going On Vacation? Rent Your House Tax-Free If you’re taking a vacation, you can rent your house out while you’re away. You can make money and have a housesitter all tax free. The IRS allows you to rent your home up to 2 weeks without having to pay income taxes. This can be an ideal scenario if you’re concerned about ... Continue Reading
  • Common Questions Regarding Tax Strategies What's type of loan is ideal for big ticket items? An equity loan is best for those who own their home. Interest paid that comes from credit card debt and auto loans are not eligible for reducing your taxable income. However, you can use the interest from an equity loan on ... Continue Reading
  • Common Tax Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make Great tax management is keeping and receiving all the money you’re entitled to while meeting your legal obligations. Here are some common mistakes you don’t want to make. Many times, people don’t even realize all the money they’re leaving on the table when they file their ... Continue Reading