Posts from January, 2015

  • Important Tax Law Updates for 2015 The best way to plan for taxes is to start at the beginning of the tax year. So it’s important to know how the tax laws change so you can plan to take every advantage to keep as much of your income as you’re entitled to. What’s New for Business Owners Standard Mileage: ... Continue Reading
  • Didn’t File Taxes Last Year? Here’s What You Need To Do If you have neglected to file past taxes, you’ll be surprised it isn’t as stressful as it you might think. However, the longer you wait to deal with paying your taxes and filing a claim, it just gets more expensive. It’s best to take care of it now. You’ll be so happy you ... Continue Reading
  • Find Out What Medical Expenses Are Deductible You may be eligible for a deduction when making your itemized deductions if you incurred a significant amount of healthcare and dental cost costs last year. If your health care costs were over at least ten percent of your yearly gross income, there are several things that ... Continue Reading
  • How Obamacare Impacts Your Taxes You may not even be aware of the term, “Advance Premium Tax Credit,” but you definitely need to understand how it impacts the amount of taxes you could owe or how much of a refund you may be entitled to. Not only has the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ‘Obamacare’) impacted ... Continue Reading