Posts from March, 2015

  • Turning Your Vacation into a Tax Deduction Learn how your personal vacation can be turned into a legal deduction. If you own your own business and decide you want to take a two-week road trip across America, you can legally deduct almost every cent you spend on your vacation. Here's how you do it. 1. Set up business ... Continue Reading
  • Maintaining Tabs on Dividends Reinvested Automatic reinvestment is a great strategy but is still subjected to being taxed. Many mutual funds give you the choice of automatically reinvesting dividends and capital gain allocations back into the fund. This is an excellent option to acquire new shares and build your ... Continue Reading
  • Understanding Taxes on Mutual Funds With a working knowledge of how mutual funds are taxed along with some diligent bookkeeping, you can reduce the amount your mutual investments are taxed on. The below gives you the understanding you need of mutual fund taxation. Income is usually reported on any mutual fund ... Continue Reading
  • Your Tax Responsibilities When Hiring New Employees The IRS requires you to meet specific obligations when hiring a new employee. Here’s a list of what you need to know to do Proof of Citizenship You need to confirm that every new hire is allowed to work in the US. To confirm this, you and the employee will need to complete ... Continue Reading