Posts from November, 2015

  • Should I Hire Someone as an Employee or Independent Contractor? The distinction between treating someone as an employee instead of an independent contractor is significant. For an independent contractor, for example, nothing is withheld from the payments made to the independent contractor for a number of payroll related taxes that would ... Continue Reading
  • Capital Budgeting Capital budgeting is a quantitative decision-making approach for evaluating and choosing between one or more investment projects under consideration by an organization. Through the use of the capital budgeting structured approach, the organization attempts to identify the ... Continue Reading
  • An Accounting System Implementation - Overview An accounting system is a collection of interrelated processes designed to accumulate, organize, and report on an organization’s transactions. The ultimate goal of an accounting system is to generate reports based on this information to support management decision making. ... Continue Reading
  • Beta Software Within the world of software development the term “beta” refers to the fact that the software is still under development and is not the final version of the software. Why does a software manufacturer offer beta versions of their software to the general public? Software ... Continue Reading