Posts from October, 2015

  • Last Minute Moves Can Save You Money It’s never too late to save money, even if you’re in the final hour of the tax year. There are things that an individual taxpayer can do at the last minute that have the potential of saving money, namely: The last minute deferrals of income into the following tax year The ... Continue Reading
  • When Doing Something Nice Back Fires – Loans/Gifts It’s not unusual for a family member to provide financial assistance to another family member by giving the recipient money to meet a need -- i.e. to help purchase a home, pay for medical expenses, etc. What If You Classify It as a Loan? The parties might want the ... Continue Reading
  • Performance Indicators for Small Business Owners Financial Ratios Financial ratios are metrics that help measure the health and performance of a business. Such ratios help tell the story behind what’s disclosed in the company’s financial statements, and they are relevant for both small and large businesses. They are also ... Continue Reading