Posts from August, 2016

  • Is the Home Office Deduction for You? For ages it has seemed that claiming the home office deduction on your tax return was a sure-fire invitation for an IRS audit. In fact, on many occasions, taxpayers had been advised to forego claiming this deduction even when they seemed to satisfy the IRS requirements to ... Continue Reading
  • Business Ownership Structures A necessary step in the initial stages of setting up your new business is to determine which form of business ownership structure to adopt. The ownership structure that may prove to be most appropriate will depend on circumstances such as: how many owners there are ... Continue Reading
  • Not For Profits – Basics A Not For Profit (NFP) organization operates not for the purpose of generating and distributing profits to the owners, but the purpose of generating and distributing profits--i.e. revenue less normal operating expenses--in furtherance of some public good or one or more ... Continue Reading
  • Retiring On A Cruise Ship While recently assisting a friend who is researching assisted living options for a loved one, I was surprised to come across so much information available online discussing the option of retiring to live on a commercial cruise ship. I think just about everyone is familiar ... Continue Reading