Posts from December, 2016

  • Money Management Tips For Couples Having to manage personal finances is one of the stressful realities that makes up a part of normal daily living. As a single person managing his or her finances, he or she doesn’t have to be concerned with coordinating financial management efforts with anyone else. However, ... Continue Reading
  • Beware Of Charity Fraud Before making your next donation to your favorite charity you might want to do some research. Do you really know to whom you’re donating? Do you know the charity’s stated mission? How much of your donation goes toward achieving the charity’s mission? How much of your ... Continue Reading
  • Is Expanding A Company’s Business Internationally A Good Thing? Expanding a company’s business (or an aspect of its business) internationally might be a good thing. It all depends on a number of variables that need to be closely examined. I happen to have some relevant first-hand experience in the area of expanding a company’s ... Continue Reading
  • Rent A Home to Live in Or Buy a Home to Live in? When a real estate investor or consumer puts money in the residence where he or she will live, that investment is often among the most expensive that he or she will make. This article will shed light on some of the more significant considerations that need to be made by the ... Continue Reading