Posts from February, 2016

  • Update Of Key 2016 Tax Figures The following 2016 information is an update of the “Preview Of Some Key 2016 Tax Figures” article originally published last October (2015). The October 2015 publication was presented using estimated figures for 2016. However, the IRS has recently released official 2016 tax ... Continue Reading
  • Forms 1095B & 1095C ACA Compliance Extended Pursuant to the terms and requirements of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), Forms 1095B and 1095C must be prepared and filed by certain employers and provided to employees by a statute specific time in order to be in full compliance with the ACA. Form 1095-B, Health Coverage ... Continue Reading
  • Steps To Advance Equal Pay The following discussion is an excerpt taken from a press release made available by the White House Office of the Press Secretary addressing “New Steps to Advance Equal Pay on the Seventh Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act”: Approximately seven years ago, ... Continue Reading
  • The PATH Act Near the end of last year (December 2015), as PR News Wire notes , Congress passed and President Obama signed into law the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, a broader bipartisan tax bill that extended (and in certain instances, made permanent) over 50 expiring ... Continue Reading