Posts from July, 2016

  • Budgeting Basics The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the basics of constructing and using a financial budget. A budget is a tool that is intended to provide management with a control mechanism for monitoring the organization’s performance. The organization’s performance is ... Continue Reading
  • Project Management – Basics The term “project management” refers to a more specialized management and control process that is associated with particular activities that fit within the definition of a “project.” Projects are unique (not routine) activities undertaken by an organization in order to ... Continue Reading
  • Small Business Growth Stages It is widely agreed that all small businesses, no matter which industry, go through similar definable stages of growth. Researchers have found that each growth stage has certain “personality traits,” so to speak, which distinguish one growth stage from another. There are ... Continue Reading
  • Why Student Loan Debtors Are Not Refinancing At first glance it might seem more than just a little odd that a large number of debtors surveyed were reluctant to take advantage of alternative “non-government” financing options—i.e. refinancing their student loans for a more attractive interest rate. This begs the ... Continue Reading