Posts from June, 2016

  • What Is A 529 College Savings Plan? A 529 College Savings Plan is a plan operated by a state or educational institution, with tax advantages and potentially other incentives to make it easier to save for college and other post-secondary training for a designated beneficiary, such as a child or grandchild. 529 ... Continue Reading
  • 4 Steps To Starting Your Own Business Owning a business is a dream shared by many. The dream of an independent professional lifestyle, self-made financial success, and “being the boss” is not uncommon. Unfortunately, the proportion of those entrepreneurs who have invested valuable time, money, and heart-felt ... Continue Reading
  • Some Things You Should Know About Hiring A Caregiver Many of us will eventually face what it’s like to engage a professional caregiver to help care for the needs of someone we love. It’s not an easy task, and sometimes it can be frightening as we entrust the life of a loved one to someone outside of the family. The process of ... Continue Reading
  • Financial Topics That A High School Student Should Know In recent history there has been a growing amount of concern over the financial illiteracy of our nation’s high school students. One aspect of the problem is that parents and students both assume they know what financial literacy entails, when in truth they only have part of ... Continue Reading