Posts from May, 2016

  • Managing Your Student Loan Debt All too often anyone you talk to who has student loan debt will tell you the same thing: they feel that they are making little to no progress in paying this debt off. And it’s understandable. It’s easy to feel like you’re spinning your wheels when dealing with the same debt ... Continue Reading
  • What To Do With Your Tax Refund? Congratulations if you happen to be one of the fortunate taxpayers to receive a tax refund this year! The typical refund averages around $3,000, an amount that isn’t exactly chump change, and you’re probably wondering what you should do with all that money. We suggest that ... Continue Reading
  • The Hidden Costs Of Homeownership Have you just closed on the purchase of your first home? If so, then a congratulations is in order! After years of dreaming and planning for what it would be like to finally have your very own home the dream has become a reality. You can now claim your own little piece of ... Continue Reading
  • Is A Roth IRA For Me? A Roth IRA is a form of individual retirement plan that resembles, except for certain key elements, the traditional IRA individual retirement plan. The more notable differences between the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA lie in the rules that govern their contributions and ... Continue Reading