Posts from October, 2016

  • Have You Heard About IRC Sec 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges? If you’re an investor who is looking to sell property, IRC Sec 1031 has good news for you: you can defer any and all capital gains by reinvesting the proceeds of your sale into new property. As IRC Section 1031 (a)(1) states: No gain or loss shall be recognized on the ... Continue Reading
  • The Importance of Tax Planning Many people use the term “tax planning,” but it is often misunderstood. It is the art of learning how to manage your affairs in ways that postpone or avoid taxes. Skilled tax planning means more money to save and invest, and it can make the tax season more of a financial ... Continue Reading
  • Do You Know About The ‘Nanny Tax?’ Did you know that under current law, any family or individual who pays a household employee more than $2,000 (2016) a year must withhold and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, also known as FICA. The law mandates that all domestic workers, such as cooks, nannies, ... Continue Reading
  • How Rules Differ On Inherited IRAs For Spouse And Non-Spouse So what happens when you inherit retirement plans? It all depends on the type of account. It also depends on whether the beneficiary is a spouse. Those variables will determine the rules that govern how the inheritance is taxed and what options are available. These rules can ... Continue Reading