Posts from September, 2016

  • Deducting Self-Employment Expenses With the amount of taxes the IRS already collects from taxpayers—as well as the ever-increasing cost of living self-employed—tax payers can ill afford to overlook claiming as many deductions as the IRS makes available. The income and expense situation of self-employed ... Continue Reading
  • Rent-to-Own Home Purchase If you’re like me, then this is probably not the first time you’ve ever heard of rent-to-own as an alternative to more traditional methods of home purchase. Rent-to-own is frequently advertised as an option for those folks who are precluded from buying a home because of ... Continue Reading
  • Have You Considered Buying a Franchise? Do you happen to be one of many who has dreamt about going into business for yourself but couldn’t put your finger on what kind of business to start? Perhaps you have an idea of what kind of business to start but fear has got in the way of taking the plunge. A degree of fear ... Continue Reading
  • Should I Use My 401(k) Funds To Buy A Home? Tired of writing those rent checks that seem to get you little, if anything, for your money? It’s understandable, then, that you would consider tapping into your 401(k) funds to come up with the down payment to pay for the purchase of your first home. These sentiments are no ... Continue Reading