Posts from April, 2017

  • What Should I Do After Acquiring A Business? One of my favorite sayings is “the only constant is change.” This saying certainly holds true in the business realm where it seems that the mandate is also “growth and go.” Experience seems to show that upon the purchase of a business the new owner needs to roll-up his or ... Continue Reading
  • Overlooked Tax Breaks For Individuals With so many possible deductions and credits available to the individual taxpayer it’s no surprise that the possibilities can get easily lost in the shuffle. This article identifies some of the tax breaks that frequently get overlooked by the individual taxpayer. The points ... Continue Reading
  • Funding With Small Business Loans The core problem for every entrepreneur and small business starting out is the same. They need cash. That holds true whether it’s a brand new business who needs cash to realize a great idea or a company who just needs to gain a competitive advantage and achieve growth. Part ... Continue Reading
  • What are HSA Accounts? A Health Savings Account (HAS) is a mechanism for saving money that is specifically earmarked for paying one’s medical expenses. These accounts work similarly to other savings plans in the sense that pre-tax contributions are made that grow tax-free, and tax-free ... Continue Reading