Posts from February, 2017

  • Why Sell or Buy a Home in Winter? Why would any article discuss how to sell a home in winter? Besides some surprising strategic rationale (which we’ll discuss in a moment), the reasons are simple: Your home is likely the most significant piece of your investment portfolio You will eventually purchase and ... Continue Reading
  • Bankruptcy Overview It’s no wonder that the word “bankruptcy” sends shivers down the backs of debtors who have hit hard financial times. Despite the system’s intent that bankruptcy works as a mechanism for giving the debtor a chance for a fresh start, the ramifications of declaring bankruptcy ... Continue Reading
  • What Type Of Business Do You Want To Open? So, you’ve decided you want to open a business? Have you given any thought to the type of business you want to open? Deciding what type of business you’re going to open is a key first step in the process of going into business. Everything you do will flow from the type of ... Continue Reading
  • Why Do You Need a Business Plan? It’s frequently said that if you don’t plan for the future then you must be planning to fail. Hence, it’s fair to say that a business plan is widely regarded as a very important--essential, even--management tool. A business plan is a written document that describes where you ... Continue Reading