Posts from January, 2017

  • Why Keep Personal and Business Finances Separate from Each Other? If you happen to be in start-up mode you probably haven’t given much attention to the importance of keeping your personal and business finances separate from each other. This blog is certainly not limited just to start-ups, but also includes ill-informed businesses that are ... Continue Reading
  • Value-Based Pricing For Professional Services How do you determine how much to sell your service so that you can maximize your business’s profits? Do you have a pricing strategy? Do you have, and more importantly do you follow, a systematic approach for assigning a price to the professional services you are in the ... Continue Reading
  • Trump’s Tax Plan Unleashed President-elect Donald Trump has taken the “bull by the horns,” so to speak, and proposed a sweeping tax reform plan that will diminish what goes to the US Treasury in the form of tax revenues in the hopes of stimulating the economy. It should be worth emphasizing that the ... Continue Reading
  • Know Your Tax Responsibilities It is crucial to understand your small business’s tax responsibilities, and there are real risks if you do not. Mismanagement of your tax obligations can ultimately lead to liens , bank levies, collections and wage garnishments, just to name a few of the potential risks. A ... Continue Reading