Posts from June, 2017

  • Treasury Basics for an Effective Overseas Presence According to McKinsey & Company, the rapid shift of economic activity from established markets in Europe and North America to developing ones in Africa, Asia, and Latin America has many CFOs asking treasurers to improve their performance. In an effort to help corporate ... Continue Reading
  • The Importance of Killing Projects The world of financial literature is replete with discussion concerning how to identify successful projects and how to increase the success of existing projects. What the world doesn’t seem to do enough of, however, is to make an effort to identify bad projects that can be a ... Continue Reading
  • Asset-Based Financing – Basics For companies experiencing temporary cash shortages, asset-based financing may be an alternative that makes sense as a viable way of meeting its cash shortfalls. With this method of financing, a cash-strapped business can use the assets that they have to overcome its cash ... Continue Reading
  • Moving to the CFO Position The position of Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) is typically the “top of the pyramid” in the career path for those seeking advancement within a finance career. The following information is provided to assist anyone seeking to pursue such a position. 1. What Does a CFO Do? As ... Continue Reading