Posts from October, 2017

  • Equifax Data Breach In recent days the world has become familiar with perhaps the largest data breach event ever known to humanity. I’m referring, of course, to the Equifax data breach. The incident, as summarized by Equifax Security , potentially impacts personal information relating to 143 ... Continue Reading
  • Foreclosure Sale Basics What is a foreclosure? A foreclosure occurs when a property owner cannot service their mortgage (i.e. make principal and/or interest payments), usually leading to the property (distressed property) being seized and sold (foreclosure sale). Typically, the property in ... Continue Reading
  • Tax Tip – Adoption Tax Credit An adoption tax credit is a tax credit offered to adoptive parents to encourage adoption. Section 36C of the United States Internal Revenue code offers a credit for “qualified adoption expenses” paid or incurred by individual taxpayers. The tax code provides an adoption ... Continue Reading
  • Why Should Workflows in Your Business Matter? What is a workflow? A workflow is a list of repeatable tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve a particular business goal. A workflow documents the procedures and processes that form an organization’s “assembly line,” so to speak—the order of steps that need to ... Continue Reading