Posts from April, 2018

  • Tax Reform Impact on Meals, Entertainment, and Automobile Parking If you’ve formed certain habits related to how you handle meals, entertainment, transportation, and parking as it relates to your business and taxes, the time to change those habits has come. As this report notes, tax reform law commonly referred to as H.R. 1 Tax Cuts and ... Continue Reading
  • Tips for a Successful Month-End Close No business looks forward to the time-consuming process of closing their books at the end of each month. It’s certainly not the fun part of running a business. It can be tedious. (Though when business is doing well, it can be encouraging to see everything closing nicely in ... Continue Reading
  • How are Nonprofits Affected by The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? After a lengthy process, Congress and the President did what they had to do in late December 2017 to put into law one of the most significant pieces of legislation in decades: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The Act put into place a number of provisions that will affect ... Continue Reading
  • Do You Want Help Growing Your Small Business In 2018? Every business owner wants growth and profit. No one wants to sit back passively and miss out on opportunities. However, as noted in Rhonda Abram’s analysis in USA Today , it’s easier said than done: there’s a certain key combination of factors that must be achieved. The key ... Continue Reading