Posts from February, 2018

  • What Is Blockchain? The following article provides a preliminary overview to blockchain technology. Additional information regarding this technology and its potential will be presented in subsequent articles. This information was presented in the Journal of Accountancy by Lou Carlozo : ... Continue Reading
  • Ways That CFOs Can Impact Their Companies In 2018 At the beginning of the new year, the time is right to assess where your company is going and examine strategic initiatives. It’s also a terrific time to put a plan together to see what resources would be required to bring those initiatives to fruition. It’s also time to ask ... Continue Reading
  • Technology Trends for CFOs in 2018 An intriguing survey was recently conducted by BeeBole with several CFOs and financial experts, asking them to predict which tech trends will shake up financial management in 2018. As noted in the survey, plenty of answers had to do with artificial intelligence, cloud ... Continue Reading
  • Additional Details About the Tax Reform Act In last month’s newsletter we presented some general facets of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). In this article, we will explore some portions of the new bill in greater detail. In general, the law cuts corporate tax rates permanently and individual tax rates temporarily. ... Continue Reading