Posts from November, 2018

  • Taxation of E-Commerce As the holidays near, more and more shoppers are turning to online methods of procuring that special gift. And it makes complete sense. The world of e-commerce opens the buyer up to products that may be unavailable in the local area, and it’s often cost-efficient. With this ... Continue Reading
  • Is It Really the IRS? We’ve all heard it before. That voice on the other end of the line that states that she or he is from the United States Treasury Department and you have an unpaid debt that needs to be settled, or else … With the reduction in their workforce, the Internal Revenue Service has ... Continue Reading
  • Tax Issues Facing Small Business Small business ownership is a good way to take more control of your time and puts more money in your pocket. But what is the true cost of small business ownership? Surprisingly, many small business owners are faced with many challenges that may leave them with less time and ... Continue Reading
  • Purchasing a Home in the Post-TCJA Era Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 bill was passed, buying a home was a big incentive to taxpayers looking to reduce their annual taxes. While some states do have a benefit calculation on rental costs, and home office users can add rental costs to their expenses, for ... Continue Reading