Posts from October, 2018

  • Alternative Minimum Tax Most of us have heard of the term Alternative Minimum Tax, Alt Min Tax, or AMT. But what is it? Alternative Minimum Tax is a tax system that parallels the standard tax systems and adds an additional level of taxation to baseline income tax for certain individuals, ... Continue Reading
  • Higher Education – What It Really Costs While alternative education paths are on the rise, a traditional education track is still the most readily available to most high school graduating classes. However, college, professional, and graduate schools are more costly than ever. The cost of higher education surged ... Continue Reading
  • Foreign Accounts – Changes in Reporting When most people think of foreign accounts, they think of ex-pat living overseas and utilizing banks for the accumulation of their payments. However, many taxpayers may also be subject to the federal Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts or FBAR reporting without realizing it. ... Continue Reading
  • BYOD Policies: Are They Right For Your Company? As technologies advance and real estate costs increase, more and more companies are moving towards allowing workers to telecommute. With the advantages of having remote employees, comes the question of how these employees interact with the company resources. While many ... Continue Reading