Posts from September, 2018

  • Charitable Contributions With the change in the season and the return of fall, many people begin the act of making their homes less cluttered, and we will all begin to get donation requests in the mail. As the weather cools, we tend to turn an eye towards end of year tax moves as well. The Tax Cuts ... Continue Reading
  • Rethinking Entity Choice in Light of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Until the inception of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act , entity selection by businesses was a fairly easy decision. In most cases, businesses chose a form of pass-through entity, given the high tax rate of thirty-five percent given to C corporations in the past. With the new ... Continue Reading
  • Retiring? 3 Tax Concerns to Consider When we are working, taxes are a part of daily life and influence the considerations that we take in our spending habits. Once we start thinking about retiring, we often forget to add in taxes as a component to our thought process. It is important to understand your tax ... Continue Reading
  • Working Over Seas We’ve all thought it… Sitting on the beach in a tropical place while attending a quick meeting via your laptop before hitting the waves in the afternoon sun. Many people imagine that all they must do is get a work Visa, wave good-bye to family and friends and head to sunnier ... Continue Reading