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  • What is Business Risk? In business, risk is anything that could negatively impact your revenues, reputation, or future operations. When you try a new vendor, you take on risk. Their products or services could be below your standards, and cost you customers. When you expand an existing business ... Continue Reading
  • How To Write a Small Business Plan If you ever want to apply for a small business loan, the lenders will want to see your business plan. Your business plan gives lenders a concise snapshot of your business model. Having a small business plan also gives the owner added benefits. Often, business owners refer ... Continue Reading
  • What is the IRS 20-Factor Test? In these days of the gig economy, more business owners are leveraging the affordability and convenience of hiring freelancers (independent contractors) instead of regular employees. It makes sense. There are some tremendous benefits to hiring independent contractors (ICs), ... Continue Reading
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