Posts from January, 2019

  • Thinking Ahead to 2019 With the close of 2018, we begin to look ahead to 2019 and ensuring that we set ourselves up for a good tax outcome at year end. There are many things to consider as you move through the tax year and some require pre-planning to ensure maximum benefit. The first thing to do ... Continue Reading
  • Lease or Buy? Vehicle purchases are one of the largest expenses for most families. With an increase in people choosing to lease instead of buy, what are the differences? As with most decisions in life, taxes should only be one of the considerations. A few of the non-tax considerations on ... Continue Reading
  • Preparing for Tax Season as a Freelancer For most standard wage earners, preparing for your tax filing is fairly simple. You receive a Form W2 in the mail and unless you have other rental properties or other complications, your return is relatively straightforward. But for the freelancer, things aren’t quite as ... Continue Reading
  • Changes to Family and Medical Leave In 1993, then President Bill Clinton sought to find a support system to aid the rapid growth in the workforce, which was increasingly made up of women with families. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed “to balance the demands of the workplace with the needs of ... Continue Reading