Posts from March, 2019

  • Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions Taxpayers know that there are tax deductions out there to be utilized to reduce the taxes paid on your income. Most are aware of the common deductions, but there are many deductions that simply get overlooked by most taxpayers. Gifts to charity is a good place to start. Most ... Continue Reading
  • The Effects of the New Legislation Now that tax season is here, the early indications of the effects the 2017 Tax Reform are starting to show. While fewer people have filed their returns than this time period in past years, the data is showing that more and more Americans are seeing lower refunds than in ... Continue Reading
  • Understanding Multiple State Taxation We often think that having a home in multiple states is a great idea, and sometimes we contemplate working while traveling between these homes. In some cases, our jobs take us to multiple locations. What happens when we work in multiple states throughout the year? It is ... Continue Reading
  • Cash Versus Accrual The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has led to changes in the way companies choose to be taxed. Prior to the tax reform, many businesses were required to use the accrual method of accounting. But with the change in tax law, businesses with $25 million or less in annual revenue ... Continue Reading