Posts from May, 2019

  • Taxes and Other Implications of Real Estate Investing for Retirement Two of the biggest concerns of those who are investing for retirement are not running out of money and maintaining regular cash flow. It can be difficult to switch from a bi-weekly paycheck to carefully timed withdrawals from a retirement account. Market fluctuations cause ... Continue Reading
  • Best Small Business Loan Products to Manage Cash Flow Small business owners quickly learn the importance of monitoring their cash flow. The flow of money in and out of your business can impact everything from the stock you have to sell to keeping the lights on. In a perfect world, your cash flows would align. All of our ... Continue Reading
  • How to Handle an Audit Notification The percentage of tax returns being audited each year has steadily declined, due in part to dwindling government resources. Still, if you’ve been notified of a pending audit, those percentages don’t mean much. The only thing that matters is the situation that you’re now in. ... Continue Reading
  • 7 Biggest Mistakes in Handling Accounts Receivables Managing your company’s accounts receivables is one of the most critical aspects of fiscal health. Yet, many business owners fail to effectively handle their accounts receivables, either directly or indirectly. Poor accounts receivables policies can lead to a bevy of ... Continue Reading