Posts from October, 2019

  • Learning How to Interpret Your Cash Flow Just because there’s a positive balance in your checking account doesn’t mean that your business is making money. Checks that you’ve written for expenses may not have cleared yet, or customers could have paid in advance. Relying on a positive balance to determine if your ... Continue Reading
  • Should You Offer A Discount? Discounts have become a way of life in the American marketplace. You can’t drive down the street without seeing a sign in a retailer’s window blaring, “50% off!” Coupons arrive in your inbox offering discounts for every occasion – even National Cheese Day. If you’re a ... Continue Reading
  • 10 Common Accountant Terms Explained Does it sometimes feel like your accountant is speaking an alien language? You hired a CPA in the first place so you could benefit from their many years of experience and expertise. Obviously your CPA knows more than you do when it comes to taxes and taking advantage of the ... Continue Reading
  • Should You Hire Your Spouse Or Children? If you own your own business you already know the joys of being your own boss. You may even have thought about bringing your spouse and/or children into the fold. There are definitely some benefits to hiring your spouse or children. Here are some to consider. Tax Advantages ... Continue Reading