Posts from September, 2019

  • Autumn Tasks to Prepare You for Next Year’s Return It may be the first gorgeous day of fall, but it won’t be long until April 15 comes knocking. Be prepared for next year’s tax deadline by beginning your preparations today. That means, as a small business owner, now is the perfect time to begin organizing receipts, ... Continue Reading
  • Simple Strategies to Reduce Small Business Taxes Small strategies make big impacts when it comes to figuring out the year’s deductions. Sadly, many small business owners never get the help they need because they’re simply unaware of the many tax deductions available to them. This is where a good, knowledgeable CPA is ... Continue Reading
  • Refinancing your Home Financial Considerations in Refinancing your House: Pros and Cons If you’ve owned your home for a couple of years, you might have started thinking about refinancing. Maybe interest rates have dropped, and you want to save money, or you want to tap into your home’s equity to ... Continue Reading
  • Tax Deductible Home Selling Which Items are Tax Deductible when Selling a House? When you list your house on the market, you’re probably thinking about how much money you’ll make or where you want to move next, not about your taxes. A home sale does have tax implications which can either help or hurt ... Continue Reading