Posts from 2011

  • Small Business Saturday 11/26/11 First there was Black Friday, then Cyber Monday. November 27, 2010 was the first ever Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is the day we celebrate the Shop Small movement to drive shoppers to local merchants across the U.S. More than 200 organizations have ... Continue Reading
  • 2007 Tax Refund Deadline Approaches $1.1 Billion in Unclaimed 2007 Tax Refunds Did you forget to file your 2007 taxes? The IRS might have a nice check waiting for you. Nearly 1.1 million taxpayers failed to file that year, and the IRS estimates they are entitled to $1.1 billion in potential refunds. Half of ... Continue Reading
  • Top 12 IRS Red Flags 1. Failure to report all taxable income. The IRS receives copies of all 1099s and W-2s and computers match these forms with the income shown on the return. A mismatch is a red flag!. 2. Returns claiming the home-buyer credit. First-time homebuyers and longtime homeowners who ... Continue Reading